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CEG, London

It is the philosophy of the Guild that there are no limits to the materials used in modern embroidery and that embroidery is neither confined to fabrics alone, nor limited to surface decoration.

We believe that embroidery is a fine art form and that there is no one way to create art, and no single best way to work with fabric.

News Update


We Made it to 50!

I joined Embroiderers' Guild, London about 12ish years ago because I was new to London and needed to make some friends. Our Guild is good at caring, sharing and being supportive. We do lots of needlework but it was the diversity that drew me in. e.g., basketry, beading, dyeing, weaving, book making etc. etc. After all we are a Textile Arts Group.

We are lucky to be doing virtual meetings, speakers and classes again this year.

Please check out our 50th Anniversary Summer Workshops that open to the public later in the fall. We have eight teachers, local and international, who are offering creative and unique workshops. Classes don't work for you? Come hear our guest speaker—Sue Stone from the UK.

Quote: Creativity is intelligence having fun. Albert Einstein

Kathie Morgan, President.

Please note, information regarding our 50th Anniversary Gold Challenge is included in the 50th Anniversary section of the Members area

New Gallery

Have a peek at the most recent gallery "Class Work, 2021-2022".

Covid Policy

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Ontario Network of Needleworkers

Read the ONN Newsletter for April 2022.

Stay healthy and happy stitching.

Upcoming Events

Western University, Winter Semester, 2023

We will again be co-teaching our "Embroidering with the Guild" course through the Department of Visual Arts available to all Western Students. The course will be on Tuesdays.

Our Virtual Showcase of Textile Arts—A Sample from Member's Work