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It is the philosophy of the Guild that there are no limits to the materials used in modern embroidery and that embroidery is neither confined to fabrics alone, nor limited to surface decoration.

We believe that embroidery is a fine art form and that there is no one way to create art, and no single best way to work with fabric.

News Update


The winter term is well underway and we are all looking forward to Spring. Advisory Council was held on January 7 over the Zoom platform. Participants discussed how the guild should proceed during the Pandemic, and how plans for celebrating our 50th anniversary should be adjusted. Subsequently the executive has determined that in-person gatherings at Wesley Knox will not likely resume until January 2022, although great effort will continue to keep all members as engaged as possible with monthly zoom gatherings, casual virtual stitch get-togethers, a large range of classes, more and larger than ever, and Inspiration Day. The poll conducted at our last Zoom Gathering strongly indicates that members are willing to renew their memberships with fees in September even as the virtual format continues for awhile and even recommend the possible continuation of some online opportunities.

Instructors for Summer Workshop in June are Richard McVetis and Takashi Iwasaki and registration will be open to non-members on March 15.

CEG, London Executive


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Ontario Network of Needleworkers

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Stay healthy and happy stitching.
CEG, London Executive
October, 2020

Upcoming Events

Summer Workshop 2021

Summer Workshop 2021 is planned for June 7 to 12, in a virtual format. Our guest instructors are Takashi Iwasaki and Richard McVetis. Registration is now open and you may find all information on the website under Workshops in the Programs section.

Our 50th Anniversary

Our 50th anniversary celebration "Evolution and Diversity of Textile Arts" is planned to occur during our 2021-2022 year and will be a year-long celebration with several workshops in June. Details will be posted on our website early next year.

Information regarding our 50th Anniversary Gold Challenge is included in our 50th Anniversary section.

Western University, Fall Semester, 2021

We will again be co-teaching our "Expressive Stitching with the Guild" course through the Department of Visual Arts available to all Western students.

Our Virtual Showcase of Textile Arts—A Sample from Member's Work