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Outreach Projects

Outreach is an important element of the Guild. Our projects are aimed at helping women and families in the London area. Why not get involved?

Knitting for our Community

Knitting for the Needy

Norah Anderson is spearheading this project. The Salvation Army is in desperate need of hats, scarves, and mitts to distribute in the winter months. We also donate hats to Merrymount Family Support and Rotholme Family Shelter. In addition, adult-sized hats or scarves are donated to Keeping Kids Warm who distribute care bags to the homeless around Christmas time. To help fill this need, Norah will supply basic knitting patterns for our members to make. She promises they will be simple enough to knit in a few evenings! Don't worry if you don't have a stash of yarn to use. Norah can help! For more information, please contact us.

My Sisters' Place

My Sisters' Place

Once a week, since 2010, members of CEG, London have visited My Sisters' Place to teach handwork. For the past year the women have been stitching designs on 9-12 inch squares which, upon completion, the volunteers make into baby quilts which are then donated to needy mothers-to-be. This is a way for the women to give back to the community from which they receive and for which they are very grateful. The feeling of doing something good for the betterment of others is very evident.

Prior to this, a textile art piece, entitled "Hand, Home, Heart" was made as a collaborative effort and was featured at a National forum - ALL OUR SISTERS - here in London, and at our own 40th Anniversary celebration in May 2011 - Gathering Threads.

Each participant stitched around a pattern of their hand , and these ( some unfinished so that everyone was included) were stitched together to form a large art quilt. Some ladies went further and stitched simple pictures depicting events , both happy and sad, in their lives. These pictures were also incorporated into the quilt.

As written by Alma Oud in the 2010-2011 issue of CEGments "The experience has been a very meaningful one for all involved. While we are stitching, stories are told, friendships are formed, insights revealed, blessings are counted, laughter is heard, burdens are lightened". In April 2016 four CEG members - Elizabeth Bell, Patricia Little, Marlene Linton and Alma Oud - were honored with an Ontario Volunteer Service Award to recognize the five years of volunteer service to My Sisters' Place.

If you interested in the Guild's activities at My Sisters' Place please contact us.

Bag Ladies

Bag Ladies

For many years the members of CEG, London have been making bags for cancer patients at area hospitals. The bags hold drainage tubes which many patients leave the hospital with. Approximately 350 bags per year are made. There's something for everyone to do - cutting, sewing, and serging. If you are interested in helping, please contact us.

Are you interested in making some bags on your own? You will need the pattern.